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Gua Sha Massage

A special introductory offer of $69 for your first Face and Feet treatment!
Absolutely brand new using the amazing ‘Gua sha stone’ to fix you from top to toe for a whole 60 minutes and guaranteed to revitalise you for days after... Our special offer of $69 instead of the regular $105.

For new clients only.

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What are the benefits of a Gua Sha Face & Feet Treatment?

  • Gua Sha is deeply relaxing and has an all over therapeutic benefits
  • Using meridian points, massage techniques and Gua Sha will directly improve the condition and tone of your face and stimulate the organs on the affected meridians.
  • Stimulates blood flow and circulation in face, neck and feet
  • Tonifies face and reduces fine lines
  • Relieves tension and stress
  • Decongests facial stagnation
  • Activates healing balance in other body systems from ‘top to toe’
  • Assists digestion and metabolism processes

What are Gua Sha Face & Feet Massage treatments?

The Healing Practice has devised new Massage Face & Feet treatments using Gua Sha, in response to clients wanting a particular focus on favourite areas that often get neglected, or experience minimal touch in the course of a general massage. The face is an important area to work on to relieve congestion, detoxify the body systems, stimulate the circulation and tonify freshness to the complexion. Meridians (energy channels) start from the top of the head ending in the feet, making a Face & Feet treatment the ideal combination to make an effective difference to your health.
Meridians (originating in Chinese Medicine), are the pathways of qi (chi) and blood flow through the body and also called more simply, energy pathways. Insufficient qi makes a person vulnerable to disease and restoring the qi is the ultimate goal in restoring overall health and wellbeing to the individual. Stagnation of qi can readily show in the face as fatigue, poor skin tone, discolouration under the eyes, sinus congestion, broken capillaries and so on.

Gua Sha and face

 Various massage techniques can be used to treat the face, including the use of Gua Sha, which gently works the skin by using a gentle ‘scraping’ technique, smoothing and lifting the face, making the face feel invigorated, more radiant and smooth. Gua Sha is deeply relaxing, not just for the face and neck, but affecting the whole body, by way of activating and energising the meridian pathways that flow the length of the body.
Gua Sha and feet

Working the feet further activates the meridian pathways more deeply and provides a complete therapeutic treatment, that will continue to have ongoing benefits beyond the treatment room.  Foot reflexology can often be painful. Gua Sha can be a far more comfortable method as its application is broad and less pointed as with digital pressure and certain finger and thumb holds. Techniques used are a combination of massage and reflexology, stretches and Gua Sha. 
In addition, a head massage and stretches can be included that will stimulate the scalp and relieve tension areas at the occipital line (back edge of skull) and temporal lobes (above ears).  

These are some of the areas in which Gua Sha Face & Feet can make a therapeutic difference to your health and wellbeing:

  • Broken capillaries on the tip of nose or redness around the nose area indicate excessive stress and worries, or alcohol over-indulgence or both as an unfortunate ‘catch-22’ effect. The tip of the nose represents the Heart meridian and circulation system.
  • Blackheads, blemishes or chapping indicate poor blood circulation.The side of the nose represents the bronchi, part of the Lung meridian which governs the skin and respiration and has a close relationship to the Heart meridian and circulation system.
  • Dark circles under the eyes are an indicator of kidney weakness. Under the eyes is the Kidney meridian, which affects kidney function. Weak dysfunction can show up as exhaustion and fatigue, and may affect bladder function as well. 
  • Menstruation: women who experience irrefgular and/or heavy menstrual flow are likely to suffer from migraine headaches, as the meridian pathways of Liver and Gallbladder traverse the top and side of head. They are also more likely to have a discolouration on their eyelids which relate to the Liver and Gall Bladder meridian and can further affect the Spleen and Pancreas meridians. 

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Who does Gua Sha Face & Feet Treatment?
Claire has many years experience of treating her clients for their general aches and pains, acute problems and for ongoing maintenance. She is trained in various massage techniques and continues to improve her skills, such as Gua Sha, to offer her clients added value to her skill-set of best practice. 

What products do you use for Gua Sha treatment?
I use light, absorbable and nutritious oil to massage all of my clients. For that reason, I choose organic and cold-pressed coconut oil that is good enough to eat as well as good enough to put on your skin. As well as various waxes and balms appropriate for my clients needs.
I hope this information will give you sufficient understanding of a Gua Sha treatment, the benefits you can expect to receive; and the confidence to make an appointment to support your health and wellbeing. 
Gift Vouchers are also available. Enjoy a Gua Sha Face & Feet Treatment at The Healing Practice and feel re-energised and rejuvenated again.

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